Its best to Buy Aquarium Saltwater Fish at Pete's Fish Place! We carry a very large variety of both saltwater fish and tropical fresh water fish. We have so many different types of tropical fish and saltwater fish for sale Just have a look around our fish for sale pages to see the amazing selection of fish. There seems to be no limits to the vast amount of marine fish that are available for purchase. Perhaps you're looking for more than just Rare saltwater fish for your aquarium? Well that's great PetesFishPlace.com also stocks Invertebrates, (like Starfish, Urchins, Anemones, Clams, Octopus, Shrimp, Sea Cucumbers, and more). We also sell living corals and other aquatic accessories to go with your Fish Tank; Pete's Fish Place is your complete fish and aquarium accessory store. We have been in this business for a very long time. Walk in customers in New York City Area, Connecticut including Greenwich, Stamford and Hartford and also New Rochelle, New Jersey, Nassau/Suffolk County, Upper and Lower Westchester can take advantage of our 10% discount. Let us help you get your backyard Koi Pond going or perhaps help you decide on some truly unique exotic saltwater fish for your tank. If you are going to buyfish Online buy your fish from Pete's so that you know your fish will be alive on arrival. All of our marine fish for sale are of the highest quality and health when they leave our store. We take the time and dedication to make sure all fish and Invertebrates are held at a minimum of 2 weeks acclimation program before shipping to their new home. We make sure that we are offering not only the best prices around for an exotic fish store butthe best possible fish for sale as well.

Petes Fish Place has been in business for over 15 years, serving the New York City Tri state Area and all other states Nationwide. We are located at 3 Pinewood Rd, Hartsdale NY 10530. We specialize in a wide variety of aquatic life. Our stock includes Saltwater fish, Brackish water fish, and fresh water fish. Bear in mind that we are not just a provider of aquarium Fish. PetesFishPlace also provides pond maintenance and aquarium maintenance services. It is our belief that owning an aquarium or garden pond is a great addition to any household. Just the ambiance of observing beautiful species of fish thriving in a healthy serene environment is enough to put a smile on the faces of an entire family. Aquarium are environmental friendly and educational for kids. Aquariums give kids the opportunity to be responsible for the well being and care of their own pets. Just ask yourself how many times you have observed an aquarium in a hospital, doctor's facility, lawyer's offices etc? One main reasons for having aquariums in these places is because of the peace and tranquility it brings to one's mind. Aquariums take your mind away from the everyday stresses of life. Many children often believe having an aquarium at home is one of the greatest gifts in life

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