Acclimating new fish and invertebrates with the Drip Method. before you open the container in which your new animals have arrived in be sure to turn off the lights in your aquarium and dim the lights in the room. Once you have the lights dimmed open the container to check that all of your new animals have arrived in good health. The drip method is the most desirable method to use when acclimating sensitive animals such as clams,fish, shrimp, snails, cucumbers, urchins, starfish, or animals sensitive to pH and salinity shock. If this is the procedure you choose please ensure you are present during the entire procedure to prevent spillage.You will need a clean plastic bucket to use, gently pour the specimen into the holding container. You will need to set up a siphon tube from your main aquarium to your holding container using airline tubing, or the Pisces Pro Acclimator. Start the siphon and adjust flow to about 1 - 3 drips per second. Depending on water volume, you want the volume to double in 30 - 60 minutes. Once your container volume has doubled, discard half of the container's water, and resume dripping for another 30 - 45 minutes until the water volume has doubled again. Now you can remove the animal from the holding container and place it into the not put the water in your aquarium that the fish or invert comes in. please use a net to transfer them. When transferring invertebrates, such as corals or anemones you should probably use your hand. Just be sure to use clean, sterile and powder-free gloves, discard the remaining water in the bag.if you need more info feel free to call or email.

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