Anthias fish are a grouping of small marine aquarium fish which are located in roughly all tropical oceans. They are typically some of the brightest colored marine fishes in the ocean and are especially admired additions to the saltwater tank. They come from the family Serranidae that have mostly basslets as well as groupers. In the basslet family, they are classified in a sub-family named Anthiinae. There have been seven discovered types among this subfamily so far. Anthias are mainly a shoaling species that can occasionally be found in the thousands throughout their usual habitats on the reefs

Altipinnatus (1- 3 Inches)


Barlett (2-3 Inches) m & f same price


Bi Color (1- 3 Inches)


Golden (1-3 Inches)sold out


Lryetail Female (1- 3 Inches)


Lryetail Male (1- 3 Inches)sale



Madder Speaperch (Sm-Med)


Purple Queen Female (1- 3 Inches)


Purple Queen Male (1- 3 Inches)


Scribbled Anthias (Female)(Medium)


Square Pink Anthias (Female)(1- 3 Inches)


Sun Burst (X-Large)


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