marble shark

marble shark(20-24″)


20-24”great fish for you aquarium

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The Marbled Cat Shark is considered a “true catshark” with a long slender body and a narrow head.
It is a bottom feeder that is found in Northern Australia.
The adult size of 24 inches (60 cm) makes this shark the smallest we have encountered!

The Marbled Cat Shark is considered a good aquarium choice.
It is hardy and easy to take care of, though it will need a roomy marine aquarium to accommodate it when it reaches it’s adult size.

Natural foods include gastropod and bivalve molluscs with smaller amounts of crabs, shrimp, and small fish.
This fish can be kept with other fish and is usually no problem even with smaller fish that could be eaten.
They usually only try to eat fish that are either dying or distressed.

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